Benefits Of PAT Testing

What You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Pat Testing

There are a lot of benefits from Pat Testing the main function is to ensure a safe workspace and to comply with legal regulations. Pat Testing will ensure for you that all of your portable appliances are safe to use. The average payout in legal cases where an employee has been injured from a portable appliance is €7000! This is an easy risk to avoid by ensuring your appliances are tested on a regular basis.
Key Benefits:
1. Improved safety in the work place for staff and guests. 2. Reduced insurance costs.pat-testing- label 3. Liability reduction. 4. Asset tracking and maintenance. 5. Enhance asset lifetime value. 6. Increase productivity with safe and reliable equipment. 7. Reduce legal risks for your business. At we focus on ensuring Pat Testing goes as smoothly as possible for you. We are a full service electrical provider. Our highly qualified electricians are always on call to assist you with any electrical issues. Our Technicians use the newest equipment on the market the Apollo 500 which provides you with the most reliable and time effective service possible. This equipment allows us to barcode all appliances so that it is easier to see if any portable appliances had any issues.

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