Pat Testing Equipment

State of the Art Technology

We use the Seaward Apollo 500 Pat Testing Equipment and there is no denying it is the most comprehensive and useful PAT tester on the market, bar none. Shown below, this equipment is considered the Rolls Royce in the PAT Testing industry.

The Pat Testing Equipment we use, The Apollo 500 PAT tester can do more tests than any other tester on the market and is also the quickest. We believe in getting the most out of all our PAT Testers and using the Apollo 500 allows us to do just that.

It is a sophisticated PAT tester and is packed full of fantastically useful features, such as 10000 test record memory, sites, locations, user, test status and date. All this allows us to be more efficient than our competitors in the market. It links to a PC and has a modem for remote transfer of information. The Apollo 500 has connections for a barcode reader (seen in Fig 2), brain cell RFID scanner, and printer, as well as a parallel printer port. Barcode labels (seen in Fig 3) are generated via an optional thermal printer.

We are continuously monitoring our pat testing equipment and in order to do this we use the Seaward Check Box. This allows us to flag any fluctuations in readings at an early stage and ensures our testers are working to their highest capabilities. All our testing equipment is also fully calibrated every year. To maintain the high standard we are proud.

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