Reasons for PAT Testing

What are the key benefits acquired from Pat Testing

All portable appliances must be tested and maintained on a regular basis. There are six main reasons for PAT Testing.
1. Comply with the law (regulations S.I NO.299 OF 2007)
2. Comply with some insurance company requirements
3. Protect the integrity and professionalism of your company
4. Protect your company from possible court action
5. Protect your employees
6. Protect visiting clients on your premises.

We offer a Portable Appliance Testing service which covers all voltages from 115v to 400v. We always offer a call out service to you so that Pat Testing is as convenient as possible for you and that it is as hassle free as possible.On completion of testing, we will compile a list of all test results which will be issued to you along with your certification on receipt of payment. All records must be kept for at least five years for HSA checks (we will do this for you). In addition, each appliance will have a heavy duty tag placed on the lead which will have a barcode with an asset id number so you can track appliances easily.

The HSA have recently issued figures reporting that 25% of all electrically related accidents are caused by faulty portable appliances, which can result in serious injury and expensive law suits undertaken by either employees or customers.

Learn more about P.A.T testing and compliance for your organisation or business.The most recent payout by a business in a legal case where an employee was injured by a faulty toaster was €7000!

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