Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency Lighting testing & maintenance

Emergency lighting Testing

Full visual Inspection & Testing of each of the emergency lights at your business to ensure they are working. Additionally Annual/Quarterly 1/2/3 Hours Tests will be conducted depending on your requirements.

emergency lighting Maintenance

Each Emergency Light will be maintained with regular checks to ensure they are always working to their best ability. Including replacing bulbs and fittings when necessary

Certification & Reporting

Reports will be generated to inform you of the quality of your emergency lighting and to show you are complying with the health and safety regulations.


Most frequent questions and answers

Testing is needed every 3 months. The quarterly test will be an hour long and carried out 3 times a year. The annual test is 3 hours long and done once a year.

You should have a report from the electrician who looks after your building. The firebook should have this report in it. If it is not in the firebook and you don’t have a copy there is a high chance they aren’t being checked.

Yes, our highly skilled staff will be able to handle any of the issues that come up. In some cases new fittings may be needed which we can supply and fit for you.

We would advise having the lighting changed to LED as these new type of lights will last much longer than your current bulbs, and as an added bonus they will bring down the ESB bill as they are more energy efficient than the previous generation of lights

This will vary depending on the lighting setup and size of the building. Some companies charge very high prices and so we would advise getting in touch with us for a price as we offer fantastic value across all of our services.

These are much shorter tests carried out by someone in the office which involves turning of the main lights and turning on the emergency lights and just making sure they’re all lighting. We can teach your staff to understand how to set this up and conduct the 10 minute test.