Reasons for PAT Testing

Reason for Pat Testing

Comply with Regulations

Keep your business legally compliant with the Safety, Health, And Welfare At Work 2013 / S.I No. 291 of 2013.

Insurance Requirement

The majority of Irish Insures now require that you have your appliance pat tested so that you can prove they were safe in case of accidents.

Protect Your staff

Keep your staff safe at work, don’t allow a faulty appliance to hurt one of your team.

Protect your business

A recent case involving an injury and where the business had no Pat testing results in a €7000 payout.

But why Pat.ie?

Over 400 Irish Businesses trust us to protect them and their staff everyday of the year across the entire island of Ireland. We carried out 20,000 Pat Tests last year so you might say we know a lot about keeping people safe.But that’s what we think, what do other people say?