Electrical Services

With over 30 years experience in electrical services we are always a fantastic choice for all your wiring needs.

Electrical Services

House Rewiring

You can rest easy knowing your house is safe with a professional house rewire from our electrical services.

New Build Wiring

With our strong background in commercial wiring you can trust us to have your building done to the highest standards.

General Electrical

Not sure if we cover it? We cover all type of electrical engineering including domestic and commercial.


Have an old fuse-board to be replaced or need a fuse-board put in? Look no further.

Pyro Cabling

We are one of the few companies in Ireland with experience in large scale pyro electrical engineering.


With our extensive background in electrical engineering you can trust us to keep your electrics in their best condition.

Fire Safety Inspection

With our core values based in keeping people safe we see fire safety as another crucial focus.

Safety Services

Fire Alarm Testing

What if it didn't ring? That won't happen with us we will ensure your alarm is always working.

Emergency Lighting Testing & Maintenance

Working Emergency Lights are needed at the most crucial time. You can trust us to conduct your testing and maintenance of these crucial lights.

Fire Extinguisher Testing & Maintenance

If the worst happen putting out the fire is essential. We offer a full testing and maintenance service for all your fire extinguishers

Periodic Inspection

Periodic testing of a buildings fixed electrics is legal requirement for landlords & employers.

Periodic Inspection

Thermal Imaging

The wiring of the building will be checked using
thermal imaging to spot any hidden electrical issues.

Earth Inspection

Fixed metal assets will be checked to ensure
earthing is in place to avoid a very dangerous
shock if the metal were to come live for any reason.

Fuseboard Testing

The fuse-board will be inspected to ensure it is in good health and a trip test will be conducted on RCBs to ensure if there is a surge your fuse-board would block it and keep you safe.

Other elements

They are the key checks but there are also many more conducted such as Polarity Testing, Earth Electrode Inspection and also an overall Visual Inspection.


Most frequent questions and answers about periodic inspections

Yes, a periodic inspection is a legal requirement under 2007 Safety Health and Welfare at Work 
(General Application) Regulations.

The most efficient time is before opening or after closing as many checks will involve having the power of for periods of time.

The inspection is a check of the general health and quality of the electrics in the building to see if it is all dafe and if anything dangerous is present.

Depending on the building it could take from 2 hours to 8 hours in general. Each floor can take 2 hours so a 3 floor building will take a full evening. A 2 bedroom house for example would take 2 hours.

After an inspection you will receive a detailed report outlining the quality of your electrical installations. Also included in this will be a list of recommended actions to repair any faults found during the inspection.

This will vary largely depending on the size of the building, number of fuse-board, electrical fit-out and much more. We advise getting in touch with us for an accurate quote.

Pat Testing Service

Testing portable appliances is a legal requirement and essential to keeping your business and staff safe

We Protect your business and staff

Here at the Pat Group your safety is our entire business. With over 30 years experience we know how to keep you safe. We also know how to do all of this without disturbing your day to day business.


Pat Testing


Click Full Visual Inspection & Electrical Testing of each of the appliances at your business.


Click Each Appliance will be labelled with a barcoded ID tag with dates and results printed on them so that is clear that each of your appliances have been tested.

Certification & Reporting

You will receive a detailed report outlining the results of all of your appliances which we will also back-up for 5 years for you to help you comply with regulations.

pat testing report


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, testing portable appliances is a legal requirement under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2007 S.I. 299.

Yes, with our highly skilled technicians they can carry out testing without disturbing your day to day business.

This will depend on the number of appliances, a guide would be that 150-200 items can be tested in a single day.

The most straight forward way to think of this is any appliance that has a plug on the end that plugs into a socket is a portable appliance.

In the event of an appliance failing, our technicians in most situations will be able to repair the appliance on site for you. If unrepairable it will be put in quarantine to protect your business and staff. 

This will vary depending on the appliance and it’s use and place of use. The majority of equipment will be tested once a year, while some equipment like tools needing it more often.