Pat Testing Service

Pat Testing


Full Visual Inspection & Electrical Testing of each of
the appliances at your business to ensure they are safe.


Labelling of each appliance with a barcoded ID tag
with dates and results printed on them so that it is
clear that each of your appliances have been tested.

Certification & Reporting

You will receive a detailed report outlining the results of all of your appliances and their safety.
This report will be backed up for five years for you to help you comply with regulations.

pat testing report


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, testing portable appliances is a legal requirement under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2007 S.I. 299.

Yes, with our highly skilled technicians they can carry out testing without disturbing your day to day business.

This will depend on the number of appliances, a guide would be that 150-200 items can be tested in a single day.

The most straight forward way to think of this is any appliance that has a plug on the end that plugs into a socket is a portable appliance.

In the event of an appliance failing, our technicians in most situations will be able to repair the appliance on site for you. If unrepairable it will be put in quarantine to protect your business and staff. 

This will vary depending on the appliance and it’s use and place of use. The majority of equipment will be tested once a year, while some equipment like tools needing it more often.

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